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Construction Update: August, 2021


Construction work is progressing steadily. The contractor is focusing on completing the barrier and bike facilities on the north side of the bridge. This work should be completed in the next couple of weeks. New overhead monotube signs structures will be installed along Sunnyside Road and, landscape median construction and irrigation will be completed and prepared for planting this fall.

  • Sunnyside Road Bridge & I-205 Interchange - New ornamental rail/fence installed

Sunnyside Road & I-205 Interchange
Bridge construction is progressing steadily. The south concrete rail has been poured, and the ornamental rail/fence has been installed. Traffic for vehicles and pedestrians has been shifted to the south side (newly constructed bridge). Crews are working on the north side barrier and bike/pedestrian facilities, which should be completed by mid-August.

Sunnyside Road – 93rd Avenue to 82nd Avenue
The last few weeks, paving and permanent striping were completed between 82nd Avenue and 93rd Avenue. Crews are currently installing traffic loops as part of the signal detection plan. New overhead sign structures are starting to go in along Sunnyside Road and should be complete the first part of August.

82nd Avenue to I-205 Interchange and I-205 to Stevens Road.
Road construction is focused on completing the 12-foot wide mixed-use bike/pedestrian path with pedestrian ADA ramps, independent up/down bike ramps, signals, crosswalks, and pedestrian push buttons. Median construction and landscaping, which are almost complete, include cobblestone features, irrigation and topsoil placed in preparation for landscape planting this fall.

On the Horizon
Work on Stevens Road and the north side of Sunnyside Road between Stevens and I-205 is the next area the contractor will focus on before paving work is completed east of 93rd Avenue.

Clackamas County prioritizes the health and safety of its employees, contractors, and the public during this time of public health concern. While construction is continuing for the CRC Mobility Project, know that Clackamas County has implemented social distancing requirements for all employees, including those working in the field. All employees are maintaining at least a six-foot distance to remain healthy while continuing work on this project to benefit the Clackamas Regional Center. 

If you have any questions about Clackamas County’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit for more information.  

All dates and activities are subject to change depending on weather or other variables.

Continuing Construction Activities

Work at this time is focused on the I-205 Bridge overcrossing widening, adding pedestrian and bike improvements to the south side of Sunnyside Road, reconstructing medians, and project-wide traffic signal and street lighting improvements.

I-205 Bridge Overcrossing – Widening is underway

What:  The sidewalk on the south side of I-205 Bridge overcrossing will be closed to allow for widening improvements on the south side of the structure.

When:  Beginning late January of 2020 for approximately one (1) year

Traffic Impacts:  The sidewalk on the north side of the bridge will remain open.

Sunnyside Road (south side) – Construction of pedestrian and bike facilities

What:  The south side of Sunnyside Road (eastbound) between 84th Avenue and 93rd Avenue will be reduced from four to three travel lanes to provide space for pedestrian, bike, and stormwater facilities, and future landscaping and tree planting.

When:  Now through the end of the project, approximately late Fall 2021

Traffic Impacts:  Three eastbound travel lanes and accesses to businesses on the south side of Sunnyside Road will remain open.  The existing bike lane will be removed while the new bike facility is under construction. Signage will indicate “Bikes on Roadway” to alert drivers.  Temporary pedestrian routes around the work zone will be set up one block at a time to minimize out-of-direction travel for pedestrians.

84th Avenue – Partial closure for use as construction staging area

What:  The middle section of 84th Avenue between Sunnyside Road and Sunnybrook Boulevard is closed to vehicular through traffic.

When:  Now through the end of the project, approximately late Fall 2021

Traffic Impacts:  Driveways into the Clackamas Promenade will remain open.  Sidewalks will remain open for pedestrians and available for use by cyclists.  82nd Avenue and 93rd Avenues are alternate routes for vehicular through-traffic between Sunnyside Road and Sunnybrook Boulevard.

80th Avenue– Reconstruction and repaving

What:  80th Avenue between Harmony Road and Southgate Street will be reconstructed and paved to provide better access and circulation.

When:  Now through Fall 2020

Traffic Impacts:  Access will remain open for local traffic, emergency vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

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