April 2016

Sunnyside ped signal

Vehicles often don’t yield to pedestrians at the northbound ramp to I-205 from Sunnyside Rd. Some sort of pedestrian signal is needed here.

Bikeway behind Aquatic Park

I support the proposal for a bike path behind the Aquatic Center leading to Sunnybrook (project ID# 37). An alternative to Sunnyside/Harmony is needed to allow people on bikes to avoid the godawful intersection at 82nd and Sunnyside Rd.

Safe crossing needed

Residents and students need a safe way to cross Harmony Road west of 82nd. Improvements like a crosswalk with a HAWK beacon for make it safer for people walking and biking to reach the Harmony Community Campus and provide people […]

Ped/bike access through Three Creeks Nattural Area

I lived on Lake Rd for a time, and desperately wanted a ped bike path leading from SE Johnson Rd northward through the Three Creeks Natural Area to access Clackamas Town Center. As it is, the only way to get […]

Sunnyside Rd overpass bike/ped improvements

I travel over this overpass by bike several times every week and hate using it. The only safe way to use the overpass by bike is to use the narrow walkways. I’ll gladly stop and squeeze to the side to […]

Max stop path

A path is needed from the walkway to the max platform leading southward to the I-205 path. The fence currently blocking direct access is infuriating, and one shouldn’t have to walk many yards northward to get to the path when […]

Sunnyside bike lanes on southside

Bike lanes are needed on the south side of Sunnyside Rd between 82nd & I-205. The path on the north side is fine for westward travel, but I’ve often been traveling eastbound and I’ll have to cross to get to […]