Category: Bicycle

Crosswalk & regular de-mossing needed at CostCo path

This path makes a very useful connection, but it ends at Oak Bluff Blvd. with no crosswalk or curb ramps. Also, the path is rather steep and gets very mossy in the winter, leading to an unsafe situation for biking, […]

Bikelanes on Sunnyside crossing I-205 Bridge

Need wider I-205 overcrossing bridge on Sunnyside to accommodate bikelanes. Pedestrian lane is too narrow.

I-205N Ramp Crossing Dangerous for Bikes

Riding west in bike path on Sunnyside is dangerous as one attempts to cross I-205N onramp. Cars accelerate before they get to ramp. 1. Slow the cars. 2. Apply some green paint continuing the bike lane across the ramp entrance,

Safe Diagonal Crossing of 82nd to MUP

The Sunnyside MUP needs to extend to 82nd and a diagonal bike signal added for connection to Harmony.

Safe biking connection across 82nd

The Sunnyside shared-use path is incomplete ending before 82nd without providing people biking a safe and direct way to cross 82nd and continue west along Harmony Road. Completing this gap would benefit people biking from the Clackamas Town Center, MAX, […]

North side bike lanes on Sunnyside Rd at 82nd

The multi-use path on the north side of Sunnyside Rd is nice, but ends before 82nd Ave. A bike lane or cycle track along the Key Bank property would fix the gap to Harmony Rd.

Bikeway behind Aquatic Park

I support the proposal for a bike path behind the Aquatic Center leading to Sunnybrook (project ID# 37). An alternative to Sunnyside/Harmony is needed to allow people on bikes to avoid the godawful intersection at 82nd and Sunnyside Rd.

Sunnyside Rd overpass bike/ped improvements

I travel over this overpass by bike several times every week and hate using it. The only safe way to use the overpass by bike is to use the narrow walkways. I’ll gladly stop and squeeze to the side to […]

Sunnyside bike lanes on southside

Bike lanes are needed on the south side of Sunnyside Rd between 82nd & I-205. The path on the north side is fine for westward travel, but I’ve often been traveling eastbound and I’ll have to cross to get to […]