Category: Pedestrian

Dangerous crossing

Students and community members cross on foot and bicycle mid-street as there are not enough crosswalks. This is dangerous and scary fro walker, bikers and drivers alike. We need a crosswalk!

Dangerous for pedestrians

Cars turning right from Fuller onto Harmony don’t see pedestrians on their right who are trying to cross Fuller. A big part of the problem is that cars can’t see traffic coming from the west due to the fence and […]

Sunnyside ped signal

Vehicles often don’t yield to pedestrians at the northbound ramp to I-205 from Sunnyside Rd. Some sort of pedestrian signal is needed here.

Safe crossing needed

Residents and students need a safe way to cross Harmony Road west of 82nd. Improvements like a crosswalk with a HAWK beacon for make it safer for people walking and biking to reach the Harmony Community Campus and provide people […]

Ped/bike access through Three Creeks Nattural Area

I lived on Lake Rd for a time, and desperately wanted a ped bike path leading from SE Johnson Rd northward through the Three Creeks Natural Area to access Clackamas Town Center. As it is, the only way to get […]

Max stop path

A path is needed from the walkway to the max platform leading southward to the I-205 path. The fence currently blocking direct access is infuriating, and one shouldn’t have to walk many yards northward to get to the path when […]