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  • Harmony Road between 80th Avenue and Fuller Road, including the pedestrian crossing at Clackamas Community College.
  • Sunnyside Road between SE 82nd Avenue and SE Stevens Road, including improvements to the I-205 Overcrossing and Interchange.
  • SE 80th Avenue between Harmony Road and Southgate Street.
  • SE 93rd Avenue and SE 97th Avenue Intersections with Sunnybrook Boulevard.

The second phase of the project will include improvements to SE 82nd Avenue, including intersection improvements at Sunnyside Road and Sunnybrook Road. This phase does not yet have a scheduled bid date.


Fuller Road:

  • Add a crosswalk at the intersection of Fuller Road and Southgate Street

Harmony Road:

  • Add a crosswalk and center refuge island at Clackamas Community College – Harmony Campus
  • Widen the sidewalk and add a landscape strip to the north side of Harmony Rd between Clackamas Community College – Harmony Campus and 80th Avenue

80th Avenue:

  • Widen and repave 80th Avenue from Harmony Road to Southgate Street to improve local access and circulation

84th Avenue:

  • Add a stormwater quality and detention swale on the west side of 84th Avenue to treat and detain roadway runoff to current standards

Sunnyside Road:

  • Add and reconstruct sidewalks and bike lanes on Sunnyside Road from 82nd Avenue to Stevens Road to complete the pedestrian and bike circulation system in this area
  • Reduce travel lanes from four to three on eastbound Sunnyside Road between 84th Avenue and the 9000 block to accommodate sidewalks, bike lanes, and median landscaping
  • Remove overgrown vegetation and add landscaping on north side of Sunnyside Road between the 8600 and 9000 blocks
  • Lengthen the westbound left turn lane at 82nd Avenue to add capacity for vehicles turning left onto southbound 82nd Avenue
  • Improve traffic signals at 8600 block, 9000 block, SE 93rd Avenue, I-205 overcrossing, and Stevens Road
  • Remove the slip lane from the southbound I-205 off-ramp into the Clackamas Town Center and add a sidewalk and bike lane; add pedestrian signal

Sunnybrook Boulevard:

  • Modify lane striping and traffic signal phasing at the intersection of Sunnybrook Blvd and 93rd Avenue
  • Restripe eastbound lanes between the I-205 northbound off-ramp and 97th Avenue to provide a right turn lane, bike lane and two through travel lanes

SE Stevens Road:

  • Extend existing bike lanes on the north side of Stevens Road to Sunnyside Road
  • Restripe westbound Sunnyside Road for a dedicated right-turn lane onto northbound Stevens Road
  • Restripe the Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center driveway exit to provide two left-turn lanes onto westbound Sunnyside Road

I-205 Bridge and Interchange:

  • Widen the bridge to add a 10-foot wide combined sidewalk and cycle track on each side
  • Install new bridge railing and LED lights
  • Add a second right turn lane from the northbound I-205 off-ramp to eastbound Sunnyside Road
  • Add a third entrance lane onto the northbound I-205 on-ramp from Sunnyside Road


Harmony Rd - Lack of Crosswalks (1)

A pedestrian crosswalk with center refuge island will be installed to help pedestrians cross SE Harmony Road at Clackamas Community College.

Zone 2

Shorter crossing distance between Clackamas Town Center and Clackamas Promenade on SE Sunnyside Road

Zone 22

New off-street path for pedestrians and cyclists to be constructed on south side of Sunnyside Road

Zone 3

I-205 Bridge to be restriped for improved traffic flow, and widened to add sidewalks and bike lanes on both sides

Zone 32

Pedestrian signal  planned  at Sunnyside Road and I-205 southbound off ramp at SE corner of Clackamas Town Center