Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of transportation improvements are generally being considered?

Options may include widening or restriping existing roads, intersection improvements, new bike and pedestrian facilities, improved street lighting, and stormwater drainage improvements.

Will this project extend Sunnybrook Boulevard from 82nd Avenue to the west?

No.  The County has removed this potential roadway from further consideration.  Off-street pedestrian and bike facilities may be considered in the general vicinity.

How does this project relate transportation projects the County already has identified in other plans?

The Clackamas Regional Center Mobility Improvements will build off and refine work done to date, particularly the County Transportation System Plan, Clackamas Regional Center Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan, and Clackamas Connections Project.  These projects will be evaluated to select those to be included in a “package” of transportation improvements that can be constructed with available funding.  View Potential Projects to see a map of potential projects within the Clackamas Regional Center Mobility Improvements area that will be evaluated.  Some modifications or additions to these projects may also be proposed.

How is the project funded?

Funds are available from the Clackamas Town Center Urban Renewal District.  The total project budget­­—including planning, design and construction—is $15 million.

How will a decision be made about which package of transportation improvements to construct?

Input from the public, stakeholders and technical experts through an evaluation process will help the project team develop a recommended package of financially-feasible improvements that meet community needs to present to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.  A Stakeholder Task Force and Technical Task Force are advising the project team with additional community input sought through open houses and targeted outreach.

What activities are happening during the “Refine” stage in 2016?


  • Open House #1 — Solicit community input on needs and values
  • Perform data collection, traffic studies, and environmental reconnaissance
  • Develop transportation package alternatives


  • Open House #2 –Solicit community input on transportation package alternatives
  • Perform technical evaluation of transportation package alternatives
  • Identify preferred transportation package


  • Open House #3 — Solicit community input on draft transportation package
  • Project Team to refine and recommend a final transportation package to Board of County Commissioners

When will transportation projects be constructed?

Projects within the selected package of improvements are anticipated to be constructed between 2018 -2020.  They will be designed in 2017 following a public process in 2016 to identify which projects should be built.