Virtual Open House

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The Virtual Open House is now closed. Thank you to those who provided input to the project team during the Virtual Open House held from April 1st – 25th and those who attended the live open house on March 31st.

comment mapSee the Comment Map to review the comments received.

This input is being considered by the project team as we begin to develop draft transportation packages. Another open house to share these draft transportation packages will be held this summer. To sign up for open house notifications, please see the Stay Informed box or click the Contact tab.

March 31, 2016 Open House Exhibits

The exhibits below were presented at the Community Open House on March 31st held at Clackamas Community College – Harmony Campus.

  • Project Goals and Schedule
  • Current and Planned Transportation Projects
    There are many transportation projects currently underway or planned in the broader area. The Clackamas Regional Center Mobility Improvements project will identify additional transportation projects in the area generally south of Monterey Avenue within the Clackamas Regional Center boundary as shown by the green dashed line on this map.
  • Crash and Traffic Data
    This exhibit shows crash rates at key intersections in the project area. A higher number means a worse crash rate. This exhibit also shows the daily traffic volume, or the total number of vehicles per day, for Sunnyside Road and 82nd Avenue in each direction on an hourly basis.
  • Existing and Future Traffic Congestion
    This exhibit shows traffic congestion at key intersections in the project area now and in the year 2040 if no other transportation improvements are made, which is called the “Future ‘No Build’ Scenario.” Green and yellow dots show intersections that are or will be “under capacity” which generally means shorter wait times. Orange and red dots show intersections that are or will be “near or over capacity” which generally means longer vehicle wait times.