How will you benefit from CRC Mobility Improvements?

December 11, 2017

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The improvements include over 30 transportation projects in one cohesive package that will improve transportation options, and traffic safety and operations for the benefit of local residents, employees, shoppers, and more.

Local residents will benefit from new and improved opportunities to walk, bike, and take transit with better connections to the Town Center MAX station and I-205 Bike Path. New lighting and landscaping will enhance safety and aesthetics, especially along SE Sunnyside Road between the Clackamas Town Center and Clackamas Promenade.

Employees and employers at Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center, Sunnyside 205, One Town Center, Clackamas Town Center, Clackamas Promenade, and businesses along SE 82nd Avenue in the project area will have improved access to work whether driving, walking, biking, or taking transit.

Transportation improvements that link transit, walking, and biking in the area will serve youth and students at Clackamas Community College Harmony Campus, Clackamas Middle College, and La Salle Catholic College Preparatory, and visitors to the North Clackamas Aquatic Park.

Shoppers will benefit from a new sidewalk into the Clackamas Promenade and removal of the slip lane into the Clackamas Town Center to alleviate congestion in the parking lot. Restriped of travel lanes, modified  traffic signal timing, and new signage will help shoppers get to and from their destinations smoothly and safely.

Improved traffic operations at several intersections will help commuters and freight traffic traveling to and through the Clackamas Regional Center. Major intersections to be improved include SE Sunnyside Road at 82nd Avenue, SE Sunnybrook Boulevard at 82nd Ave, SE Sunnyside Road at SE Stevens Road, and I-205 on- and off-ramps.